Global Good Fund Fellowship

The Global Good Fund Fellowship is a one-year virtual program comprised of leadership development coaching, executive mentorship and funding. Learn more and apply here.


What Works Cities: Data For Community Good

If you are a data whiz, leader in community development or working tirelessly to build smart cities, listen up!

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is making an additional $42 million investment in the use of data and evidence to address major challenges in communities, nationwide.

Click to read the May 2018 annual report

What Works Cities is the nation’s most comprehensive philanthropic initiative helping local leaders identify and invest in what works.

Watch here to learn what city leaders are doing to drive change through data.

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New Study Shows Women and Minorities Dominate Tech For Good

According to a new study by Fast Forward, “Most traditional tech company founders are white and male, while comparatively far more women and minorities go the social good route.”

As reported by Fast Company:

  • 47% of all tech nonprofit founders are women
  • Minorities make up 30% of all tech nonprofit founders

Co-author of the report, Cristina Shatzen said, “We classify a tech nonprofit as a tech company building original software or hardware, but leveraging a nonprofit business model so they can focus 100% on social impact.”

Read more about the accelerator for tech non-profits and the study here.