2018 DFA Summit: Call for Community Members

Design for America Leadership Studio 2018 Design for America will bring together a national network of social innovators for the 2018 DFA Summit, August 1 through August 5, 2018, at Northwestern University. The organization was founded in 2008 by School of Engineering students and faculty director, Liz Gerber in an effort to empower students to … Continue reading 2018 DFA Summit: Call for Community Members


Youth, Passion and Pitch

A winner has been chosen for the second annual Gray Matter Experience Pitch Black Student Pitch Competition! The Gray Matter Experience hosted the 2nd Annual Student Pitch Competition at Mhub, where six companies presented for a chance to win.

The Reboot: Episode #1

This is the first episode of The Reboot! Each week we will chat with leaders in civic tech and chat with the managing director of Colony 5, a business accelerator designed to connect entrepreneurs in distressed communities with all the resources they need to establish scale, sustainability and remain in their communities. Tune in each … Continue reading The Reboot: Episode #1