What Would You Change About the Traditional Educational System?

Online learning, entrepreneurship, and the allure of potentially earning a six-figure salary after attending a coding school or technology boot camp are only a few reasons for the growing movement to disrupt what many consider “traditional education.” Peter Hostrawser is one of many at the forefront of the mission to challenge outdated education standards. As the host of the weekly podcast, Disrupt Education, Hostrawser highlights the lives and work of entrepreneurs and students who share his determination for a more innovative education system.

According to his personal website, Hostrawer credits his experience as the founder of OPRF School of Business at Oak Park and River Forest High School in 2008 for wanting to see more student-centered learning environments.  In the most recent episode of Disrupt Education, Afenya Montgomery, founder of The iCan Collective discusses her inspiration for building a network to empower diverse entrepreneurs, as well as her vision for a more enterprising educational system.

“I think a great thing that I’m seeing more of now are entrepreneurship courses and I would give children that idea earlier, that they can build a business, they can run a business, especially in underrepresented communities,” said Montgomery.

“We’re often not given those opportunities, and not given that information and so it would help impact our communities so much if we could change that narrative.”

Montgomery also said that while students are often told that they can be whatever they want to be, our standard educational system doesn’t always prepare them for everything that comes with that notion–including entrepreneurship. Watch the video below to learn more about Afenya and other guests of Disrupt Education.


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