MAPSCorps Aims to Empower Youth and Boost Local Economies With Data

Microsoft Director of Technology and Civic Engagement, Adam Hecktman and
Maira Khwaja discuss the mission, vision, and impact of MAPSCorp.


MAPSCorps is on a mission to use data to boost local economies by making sure every public-facing business and organization is on the map. MAPSCorps has mapped more than 25,000 businesses and organizations in Chicago and New York City.

Founded in 2009 by Dr. Stacy Lindau, MAPSCorps is a nonprofit based on Chicago’s South Side. High school students are employed as community data scientists. Students are trained to apply scientific method and mobile technology to capture data about all the public-facing businesses and organizations serving their community. MAPSCorps provides the first paid employment experience for half of participating youth.

The vision of MAPSCorps is carried out through the promotion of health and economic vitality by producing an annual census of high-quality data that everyone can use. The data collected is used by doctors, nurses, social workers, community planners, teachers, governments, and residents.


(Source: YouTube, MeetAdvisors)

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