Funding Opportunity

Are You Tackling Digital Literacy?

The Civic Accelerator is looking for for-profit and nonprofit ventures addressing the digital divide and digital literacy. Apply by March 2, 2018. Head over to for more info!


Facebook Invites Users to Take Part in “Townhall”

Do you know who your state and federal representatives are? If you have a Facebook account, visit the "Explore" tab, click "Townhall" and find out the names of your local and state representatives. But your online civic engagement doesn't have to stop there. The new feature also provides a forum for community members to provide… Continue reading Facebook Invites Users to Take Part in “Townhall”


Civic Tech: Washington, D.C.

Over the last several years, a growing cluster of promising, industry-specific tech companies have established themselves throughout the D.C. area. Montgomery County in Maryland, for example, is understood to be a vibrant biotech hub — lifted by a proximity to the National Institute of Health, among other things. Read More (via DCInno)


Impact Investing and Innovation

Attempts at innovating the investment culture—particularly that of investment banks and private equity funds presented a fragmented, inefficient, and challenging environment. Early innovators had limited knowledge exchange among themselves and were natural to proselytize. A small, committed group of investors willing to learn from each other and collaboratively built a market that could be used… Continue reading Impact Investing and Innovation